Important Announcements:

MEMBERSHIP CLASSES: Anyone interested in joining the membership of the church please see PJ.

March 23rd @ 7pm

April 13th @ 7pm

Stewardship Campaign:

Our Stewardship Drive begins today.  Help us continue to move forward and make positive progress as good stewards of God’s resources.  Mark your calendars with the important Stewardship Dates in March and April:

3/15- Workshop 1 @ 12pm: A Philosophy of Stewardship (Charity, tithing, what the Bible says)

3/22- Stewardship Sermon 2: Believing in God’s Abundance

3/22- Workshop 2 @ 12pm: Rob Headley- Personal Finance and Creative Giving (Thrivent will host Coffee Hour)

4/19- Workshop 3 @ 12pm: Your Gift at Work (budget, apportionments, missions, etc.)

4/26- STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY- Sermon 3:Living in God’s Abundance

2014 Year End Date Financial Update:

Offering on 2/15/15-$1,482.00       

Weekly Offering Need- $1,735.00  

2015 YTD Offering:  $10,452.32

2015 YTD Need:   $12,145.00

We made huge progress last year!  Let’s keep heading in the right direction together.


We offer an electronic giving option for direct withdrawal of weekly gifts.  Paperwork is simple and fast.  Email the church to receive the paperwork.

You can also give by clicking the “Donate” button at the top of this page

We offer a stock gift option as well.  Email Pastor Jody for instructions if this is something you’re interested in.

Weekly Roundup/


-10am Worship Service




12:30pm Living Prayer


6:45pm Bell Practice




-10am Worship

-10am Sunday School


Matthew 22:1-14

UMC of Milton - Marlboro
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Verse of the Day

Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.
The people of The United Methodist Church
Open Hearts...
Open Minds...
Open Doors...

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